Initial Visit Forms


Please create a patient login (click here) with OrthoFi and complete all necessary forms prior to your first visit. This will allow us to provide you with insurance benefit details and specific treatment recommendations.

By working with OrthoFi, we can provide you with the best, most comfortable experience with lasting results at a price that is affordable for you. OrthoFi allows you to choose treatment options for your family, design your own payment plan to fit your budget, and view your payment plan details online! 


OrthoFi simplifies your orthodontic experience, so here's what's in it for you:

  • Flexible Financing Rates that fit your lifestyle
  • Extended- hours customer support to personally assist you with any questions
  • Assistance on any Payment Plan service coordination
  • Easy, 24-hour self-service access to your contract, payment plan and treatment summaries.